Comit - Consulting and Software Development

We can help you in the following technologies

  • Node.js Backends
  • Ember.js Frontends
  • Python & bash scripting
  • Swift
  • Objective-C

We also can help you with

  • Taking Ideas and turning them into products
  • Management and monitoring of servers/devops
  • Finding cheaper/faster/easier business processes
  • Identifying bottlenecks within business models
  • Finding a products Market fit
  • Help Manage AWS and/or Digital Ocean servers

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Zane Grant



Zane enjoys building iOS apps (iPhone and iPad) but he is happy to get his hands on building any type of Apple application (Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV). His main programming languages are Swift and Objective-C but depending on the problem he can switch to languages such as Python, Bash and Node.js.

With an additional background as a lawyer, he keeps his finger on what is happening with startups around the world and the laws associated with them. Second to his family, programming and business is his life.

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    Aden Tranter

    Full Stack/Founder


Aden is energetic and is alway happy to jump at any problem. Being a quick learner he is able to perform tasks that he has not approached before.

The languages that is on the most enjoyable lists (and ones that he excels at) are Node.js and Ember.js. He is a very driven web developer and tries to ensure that he keeps up with the rapid changes of what is happening in the world of programming and startups.